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Problem related to SiteLinqToSql.dbml


The problem can perhaps be a result of my lack of experience with VS & IIS - there may be dependencies or assumed 'things that are present' that my Win7 w/IIS7 box is missing. But since Rob made a point of 'How to include dependent files' so seems worth the asking. Upon opening Project.sln i'm presented 4 warnings - the one related to SiteLinqToSql.dbml is:

Warning 1 A custom tool 'MSLinqToSQLGenerator' is associated with file 'Model\SiteLinqToSql.dbml', but the output of the custom tool was not found in the project.

The program will compile and render the index page. However...if i follow the directions - 're-running the custom tool by right-clicking on the file in the Solution Explorer and choosing Run Custom Tool.' - the tool will run without error; that warning line is removed from the error list. However, upon compile i'm tossed 21 errors all pointing to SiteLinqToSql.dbml.

wanna see them or is there something other preparation i should be taking prior to running the project?

thx much